About Us

The Fund

The Bedrock Mortgage Fund, LLC (The Bedrock Fund or the Fund) is a real estate investment fund specializing in short term high-equity real estate loans.  These loans are primarily single and multi-family residential, for a small, select group of investors. The Bedrock Fund only makes loans to highly experienced investors with solid borrowing histories. The loans are short term (one month to one year) and allow investors to purchase real estate at deep discounts, repair these homes and then either sell or rent them. 

 These loans are only for professional investors and are not available to individuals. The loans are stringently underwritten, requiring a large amount of equity in the deals, typically 25% or more. These loans are generally not available from traditional banks, meaning that asset-backed short-term lenders, like The Bedrock Fund, can and do charge rates higher than for typical mortgages. Therefore, investors in the Fund can receive higher monthly interest returns with these loans than with many other loan types, including REITs. Since the notes are short term, investors can easily move in and out of the Fund, with reasonable notice (please see The Bedrock Mortgage Fund, LLC Private Placement Memorandum for specifics).

 The Fund pays investors 7% annually on their deposit balance, either in cash on a monthly basis, or the interest can be reinvested in the Fund for compounding. Investments in the Fund are one year or longer, with investors being able to request principal refunds with proper notice. Most Fund loans pay off in six months or less, making the Fund a relatively liquid instrument. Single investments in the Fund can range from $50,000 to $100,000,000. Investments over $25,000,000 will require a stepped investment schedule.

In short, The Bedrock Fund offers a much higher interest rate than a savings account or a CD, but with similar liquidity.  It facilitates investment in single family housing in a diversified way that reduces risk. The Fund provides similar returns to those of long-term mutual funds, without the volatility of the stock market.  It might be one of the easiest and most predictable investments one can make.


The Team

The Manager of The Bedrock Fund has extensive experience managing money and financial instruments, in addition to having significant contacts with potential investors in the Fund. The professionals who operate the Fund have extensive experience and a stellar track record in both lending and borrowing hard money for the purchase and repair of investment properties. Collectively they have made over 2500 loans to investors and have bought and repaired more than 1500 houses using hard money loans. They know this business.

britt jennings


Britt Jennings

Britt Jennings is the manager of Bedrock Loans, LLC, which manages The Bedrock Fund.  Over his thirty-year career, Mr. Jennings has focused on providing strategic taxation and accounting advice for high net worth individuals and small to medium sized businesses, including clients in the real estate industry. He has experience in a wide range of business classifications, from construction to personal service to research & development. Mr. Jennings believes that long-term relationships with clients lead to a greater understanding and a better partnership benefiting both parties. He strives to ensure that each of his clients receives personal and thorough attention to assist them in meeting their finance and tax goals. Individuals who work for Mr. Jennings’ firm, Bedrock Consultants, LLC, contribute financial, legal and accounting services to the Fund.  Mr. Jennings holds Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Master of Taxation degrees from Georgia State University. He is also a Certified Public Accountant. 

mike blatney

Director of Valuations & Underwriting

Michael Blatney

Mr. Blatney heads up The Bedrock Fund’s property evaluation efforts to ensure that loans are safe and profitable.  He got started in real estate by joining his family custom-home building business in 1975 and was buying and selling houses by the mid-1980s. He has been an active part of HomeVestors network for 20 years. Today, Mr. Blatney is also the leading analyst for the HomeVestors system, evaluating hundreds of properties for loan applications every month. He is the most accomplished valuator at HomeVestors, with a proven ability to assess house values very accurately anywhere in the country.

mark mckeller

Director of Originations

Mark McKeller

Mr. McKeller is an experienced real estate investor having bought and sold over 400 homes in CA, GA and FL, in addition to having originated more than $5 million of asset-backed bridge loans to other investors. Mr. McKeller heads up the largest Franchise sales and support team for HomeVestors of America, which is the biggest single group of investors in the country that buys discounted single-family residences. Mr. McKeller knows the most experienced and successful HomeVestors Franchisees, some of whom will originate the majority of loans originated by The Bedrock Fund. His connections in the network and within the HomeVestors corporate office will be a catalyst for loan volume and field analysis.

John Holman


John Holman

Mr. Holman is a seasoned hard money lender, having completed over 2,000 investor loans in the past 12 years in the Atlanta area, with no defaults. He is also an experienced investor who has purchased and sold over 650 houses in GA and CA. With his stellar lending record and knowledge of ‘good deals’ as an investor, Mr. Holman will give valuable corporate guidance and advice in making sound lending decisions and mitigating risk in the loan process.